About the Pro

Lesson Instructor | Team Coach

Meet our Pro, Timmy Burnier! This summer, you'll see Timmy amongst The Quarry Crew as our Pro Lesson Instructor & Team Coach. Throughout his wakeboarding career, Timmy has been blessed with podium finishes in national tournaments. In 2013 Timmy placed #1 in the Worlds Championship for the Top Amateur Division and has competed in the Professional Division numerous times. For Timmy, however, wakeboarding is much more than competition and success ― it is an art in which each rider can turn every trick into a masterpiece. This masterpiece created by the rider can either be used to bring glory to themselves or bring glory to the One who blessed them with the ability to ride. Timmy's motivation to do what he does stems from the latter.

"The thrill of landing a new trick and making it your own never gets old."  

Timmy has coached himself for years and has been trained by other professionals, including Kirby Linesman, who trains and collaborates with the greatest wakeboarding coaches in the industry.  In 2013, Timmy shadowed Kirby and assisted in running his wakeboarding school located in the Ozarks for two seasons. Timmy's mentality is that when it comes to coaching, mastering the foundations of wakeboarding is key. Foundations are the most important aspect of any sport. Without the proper foundation a rider will be inconsistent with their performance, struggle to acquire new tricks, and will be more prone to injury.  As an Instructor, Timmy will not only improve your physical game, but your mental game as well and help you achieve the next skill level.

Ride with Timmy this summer to improve your style, trick list, mental game, or simply learn the basics! Book a lesson today.


Age: 24 | Favorite Trick: Any trick that requires poked grabs and blind landings | Previous Sponsors: The Board Shop, Lake Dwellers, Marine Max, Wake Effects, Ronix, Hyperlite, Eternal Riders, Slingshot, West Rock Wake Park