Quarry Bar & Grille

Due to Covid-19 the Quarry Bar & Grille are temporarily closed

The Quarry Bar & Grille

The 2020 QRY Bar & Grille opening is postponed and will open once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. 

2020 marks the second season for the Quarry Grille. We will build on the 2019 launch season to make the new season an even better experience for our terrrific customers.  We are currently reconfiguring the dining areas, indoors and outdoors, to create a safe dining experince for our customers and QRY Crew.  We will also implement online ordering from your smart phone, while your at the park, to alleviate lines at the order window.  As we await the Grille opening date we will put additional measures in place to comply with Covid-19 ordinances and guidelines.  

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